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MAKI CO.; Reinventing Vintage Kimonos For Today’s Youth

When I first came across Maki co. (@makico.art.jp) on Instagram, I was blown away by the creativity and homage to Japanese culture that the brand embodies. Ethical and sustainable, Maki co. is about revitalising pre-loved kimonos into versatile pieces that can be worn in more casual settings by people of all ages around the globe. Maki co.’s creator took the time to talk to us about her inspiration and philosophy of sustainability that encompasses what the brand is about.

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Easy Ways To Shop More Sustainably

The lack of sustainability in fashion is a massive issue and it’s high time we started to do something about it. The concept of sustainable fashion isn’t new, but like almost all movements, it’s been co-opted as just another marketing tool in the cogs of consumerism.

We can’t all afford to spend £150 on a pair of jeans, but what we can do is implement a few practical, easy steps into our shopping routines.