Here Are My Top 5 SPFs For Dark Skin

When it comes to wearing SPF, as a dark-skinned person it can be a whole other beauty minefield. Over the years, I’ve gone from not wearing sunscreen at all (I know!), to SPF moisturisers, to naively thinking I could get away with any mineral SPF (again, I know) so I like to think I’ve made,…

I’m A Glow Hub Beauty Ambassador! #GLOWCOLLECTIVE

Photo: Me for Glowhub Beauty. Photographer: Michèle Côté (website, Instagram) This is a little late, over three months, actually, but I wanted to share this awesome news with you guys here! Although I’ve long since shared this news on my Instagram, I felt it was only right to make sure the Style Actually community was…

I Tried Gua Sha For 30 Days And Here’s How My Skin Changed

If you’ve only just heard of Gua Sha in the last five years, you’d be forgiven; an ancient Chinese acupressure technique, facial Gua Sha has, in recent years, become a mainstream trend and for good reason too; known to aid with lymphatic drainage, ease tense muscles and increase blood flow – all of which can…

What I’m Putting On My Face This Summer

One (very obvious) sign of the transition to summer is the weather; humid in some areas and desert dry in others, something we can all agree on is the need to change your skincare routine to fit.

My Current Skincare Routine

Skincare is probably my favourite and most important step of my beauty routine (and really, of anyone’s routine). Skincare shouldn’t be complicated and with this in mind, I’ve summarised my daily routine into easy steps that you can customise and use to create your own routine that works for YOU.