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Here Are My Top 5 SPFs For Dark Skin

When it comes to wearing SPF, as a dark-skinned person it can be a whole other beauty minefield.

Over the years, I’ve gone from not wearing sunscreen at all (I know!), to SPF moisturisers, to naively thinking I could get away with any mineral SPF (again, I know) so I like to think I’ve made, and learned from, my fair share of sunscreen mishaps.

To help you on your skin journey, and hopefully make that search for the perfect sunscreen a little easier, I’ve put together a little list of my top 5 SPFs that are dark-skin friendly (read: none of that dang white cast)

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list – there’s plenty of great sunscreens I haven’t yet tried, and you might not like every product I’ve recommended.

It’s at the very least a starting point!

Bondi Sands

Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+

RRP: £6.99

Now this has been a firm favourite in my household for a number of reasons; first of all, it’s very affordable at around £7 for a 150ml bottle, and leaves me with that glowy finish that I love. I especially prefer the unscented version so watch out for that, but the coconut scented version is amazing on the body.

While it does have a bit of a greasy texture after application, as someone with dry skin this doesn’t exactly bother me. In fact, I actually quite like the extra oil, especially when I’m wearing makeup; it absorbs some of the excess oil so that shine is a little more under control. However, if you have naturally oilier skin, you might prefer something else.

Which skin type do I recommend this for: Dry skin

Glow Hub


RRP: £12.00

I was very kindly gifted this by Glow Hub, and hand on heart, I really like it. This is a relatively recent release, and I love that a universal sunscreen has been on the cards from day one. Even better, the Sun Silk is glow-giving without being greasy and unscented, which is great if you’re sensitive to fragrance in your skincare.

Again, this is a pretty affordable SPF, coming in at £12 for 50ml of product. It is SPF 30 (which is the minimum you should be wearing and provides around 97% protection from UVB rays), but it’s cute and convenient enough to carry in your bag for that all-important reapplication throughout the day.

Which skin type do I recommend this for: Dry skin, Combination skin

Hello Sunday

the one that’s a serum – face drops: SPF 45

RRP: £20.00

I recently chanced upon this during a little browse of Boots and I was entranced; I’d never personally seen a serum SPF before, and it being on offer at the time, I HAD to get me some.

To give you some background, Hello Sunday is all about – you guessed it – sun protection and they have a huge range of various SPF products (think lip balms, hand creams, moisturisers, eye creams etc.,) so if you prefer a higher sun protection factor, there’ll be something for you.

The packaging is adorable, and the finish is beautifully radiant and non-greasy. This is also unscented so bonus points there!

At 30ml, it’s not exactly a lot of product but it’s definitely one to try!

Which skin type do I recommend this for: Dry skin, Combination skin


Invisible SHield- Daily Sunscreen SPF 30

RRP: £20.00

This SPF from Glossier is so interesting; it has a translucent, gel like consistency and a light citrus scent which had me coming back for more.

This is definitely a nice to have – at only 30ml of product, there are more wallet-friendly alternatives. The pump doesn’t release a lot at a time, and I did also find it a little difficult to get the last dregs of product (Lord knows, I tried).

However, I do think it’s great for oilier skin types; it actually feels like a makeup primer and has a kind of soft-matte to satin finish on the skin so you still get that radiance.

Which skin type do I recommend this for: Combination skin, Oily skin


Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel

RRP: £21.00

I picked this up on a whim during my Skinsider shop, and it came in clutch when I unexpectedly ran out of my previous SPF.

This raved-about sunscreen from Isntree (no, not Innisfree) has hyaluronic acid which is a brilliant humectant, with a texture somewhere between a gel and a lotion. I love the subtle glow it leaves, but I would be wary about getting caught in the rain as it turned me a little milky when I forgot my umbrella.

At £21 for 50ml, it does come in slightly cheaper than some SPFs on this list at £0.42/ml so I would keep an eye out for Skinsider’s many sales and offers.

Which skin type do I recommend this for: Dry skin, Combination skin

Sunscreen really is a non-negotiable when it comes to building a good skin routine. Without proper sun protection, there’s an increased chance of sun damage and melanomas (also known as skin cancer) and you might as well abandon any skin treatments and actives.

Nowadays, there are more and more accessible and inclusive options so there’s no excuse to skip this very important step.

If you have any sunscreen questions, or just want to recommend your favourite SPF, let me know in the comments!