Photo: Me for Glowhub Beauty. Photographer: Michèle Côté (website, Instagram)

This is a little late, over three months, actually, but I wanted to share this awesome news with you guys here! Although I’ve long since shared this news on my Instagram, I felt it was only right to make sure the Style Actually community was in the know as well.

So what exactly does this mean for you?

Firstly, I’ll still be producing honest content as usual. Since the beginning of ITSA, I’ve maintained that I will never recommend a product or service that I haven’t used and enjoyed myself, and that’s not going to change.

Additionally, none of my content is sponsored by Glowhub; anything I write is because I choose to, not because I was paid to!

Rather, I’ll be able to share with you my favourite products from Glowhub and let you know what I think works best depending on your skin type.

About the Glow Collective

Photo: Top (from left to right) Izzy, Ash, Lili-Mae. Bottom (from left to right) Daniela, Amaani, Minnie, Me for Glowhub Beauty. Photographer: Michèle Côté (website, Instagram)

But wait! Skincare isn’t all there is to being a part of the Glow Collective; Glowhub is dedicated to being a brand for the next generation and of course, that includes dealing with issues that affect us and that are important to us.

To make sure this happens, Glowhub has kindly allowed me, along with six other lovely people, to be ambassadors and raise awareness on these super important issues. From social issues activism to skin positivity and mental health to cancer awareness, everyone has such powerful and inspiring stories to share. I’m truly honoured to be part of such an amazing cohort!

You can check out the Glow Collective here!

Let’s get you started with a few of my current Glowhub faves:

purify and brighten jelly cleanser

I’m on the last dregs of my second bottle of this cleanser; it doesn’t foam up so that’s something to be aware of if you like foamy cleansers. I’d recommend this cleanser for especially dry skin; it doesn’t leave skin feeling tight or raw.

It has a jelly consistency and a light scent which is great, especially if you are sensitive to fragrance. This definitely isn’t strong enough to remove makeup entirely on it’s own, but honestly, I hope you’d be double-cleansing for makeup removal anyways! I personally love this as my second cleanse after an oil or balm cleanser!

Which skin type do I recommend this for: Dry skin, Sensitive skin


This moisturiser is my absolute, absolute fav for summer! The gel consistency cools and leaves skin feeling plump and hydrated. Also, it smells absolutely delicious, which makes having a taste really tempting some days (PLEASE DON’T ACTUALLY EAT THIS)!

Which skin type do I recommend this for: Dry skin


This lip balm is my new purse must‑have and is perfect for leaving lips moisturised and soft. I also like that it smells natural (rather than fruity or sweet) and doesn’t leave you with that tingly feeling that a lot of plumping lip balms have.

Which skin type do I recommend this for: All skin types


This was my first buy from Glow Hub and it remains a staple favourite in my bathroom; I never shut up about it to friends and family either. This mist is great in the AM or PM and over makeup. Maybe because it includes hemp, I rarely breakout whenever I incorporate this into my routine. If nothing else, give this a try!

Which skin type do I recommend this for: All skin types


I’m currently using this moisturiser as my AM choice and I like it a lot, though not as much as the peach gel moisturiser. That’s mainly because I’m partial to gel moisturisers for summer, but this is definitely not a bad choice.

Scent-wise, it reminds me of a granola bar (delish!) and absorbs super nicely into the skin with a non-greasy finish. It’s lush and hydrating, yet not heavy.

Which skin type do I recommend this for: Oily skin


This has been a daily AM + PM item for me, I love it that much! At first, I was concerned about tea-tree oil and how it might affect sensitive skin, but this has been amazing! Rather than irritate, this formula feels very soothing and the rollerball applicator is great for accuracy, along with a cooling effect. It smells and feels fresh – this is one to have in your bag at all times!

Which skin type do I recommend this for: All skin types

So those are my current tried-and-tested favourites from Glowhub! You can get your hands on Glowhub Beauty directly on their site or at Boots, ASOS, Beauty Bay, Urban Outfitters EU and Feel Unique.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried Glowhub Beauty and what your thoughts are!