In my opinion, the most important part of the whole beauty process is skincare. Our skin is the base for the art that is makeup and as you might guess, having a good canvas makes it a hell of a lot easier to produce good art.

Now I won’t lie and pretend my skin is airbrushed perfection; I break out surprisingly easily so having a skincare routine really helps give me some semblance of control.

So here it is, my current routine:

1. Cleanse

The first step to any routine, cleansing allows you to get rid of the dirt and grime your skin may have picked up. I like to use a clay-based face wash for my combination skin. I’ve found this helps a lot with oil control and using this 3-in-one cleanser helps my skin feel squeaky clean.

2. Tone

Toners are one of my favourite steps. Initially, their purpose was to rebalance the skin’s pH, however nowadays this isn’t completely necessary since a lot of cleansing products are slightly more acidic. I still prefer to use a toner to add extra hydration to my skin. You can either use one in the form of a spray (here) or a liquid (here).

3. Serum

This is an optional step, but I love to serums; they’re particularly great for more specific treatments (think vitamin c for glowing skin, hyaluronic acid for moisture). This is one I’ve tried and love.

4. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

This is such an important step and I can’t stress this enough- it honestly suprises me the amount of people I’ve spoken to who tell me they don’t moisturise!

Moisturising helps to provide an additional barrier and seal in the previous goodies you’ve gifted your skin with (you don’t want to let all your hard work go to waste). This one has Vitamin C and helps give you that natural, glowing look.

5. Eye serum/cream

Again, this step won’t be essential for everyone. Personally, using an eye serum helps with my dark circles and next level bags so it’s something that I like to incorporate into my routine.

6. Sunscreen

As many skincare experts and beauty gurus harp on about sunscreen, I reckon that SPF is something worth investing in. I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a bit lazy with this step and if you see me out and about, chances are, I’m not wearing sunscreen (shock, horror!). I struggled to find a sun lotion that was affordable and didn’t leave me with a white cast/blue face, but I’m yet to find one. So at the moment, what I’m trying to wear is this clear spray sunscreen.

And that’s it! I know there are some routines that are 10-step or more, but this is my daily skincare routine. Keep in mind that this is only my daytime routine and there’s a completely different game going on at the end of the day or after a stressful week. At the end of the day, everyone’s skin is unique, so please, please, please do what works for you!

Let me know your routine in the comments below!

*Disclaimer: I am NOT making any money from the links in this post; they are NOT affiliate links.