Why The ‘Dad Trainer’ Trend Works

If you’ve been looking around on the latest street-style snaps and blogs, you may have noticed the burst in popularity of the ‘Dad trainers’ (or ‘ugly trainers’ as some like to call them).

These trainers can be recognised by their bulkier silhouette, thick soles and arch in the soles. Of course, with the revival of the trainers as fashion items, there have also been some designs that don’t strictly follow those rules. However, the original purpose of the trainers are comfort and practicality.

The revival can be credited in part to the ‘Triple S’ trainers from Balenciaga; suddenly every cool girl and guy was wearing a similar pair. Granted, some of you may think “I’ve been wearing these for ages!” and in that case, congratulations for being a fashion leader; you’ll go far.

Although the ‘Dad trainer’ is a a massive trend in 2018, some in the fashion community are not convinced. It’s not my place to tell you why you should or shouldn’t take part in this trend, but what I can tell you is that this trend works.

Comfort, Comfort and even more Comfort


This trend is one of the most comfortable around and of course, fashion isn’t always easy; I’m talking about those gorgeous stilletos that hurt like hell but look amazing. 

On the other hand, there’s something incredibly refreshing about putting on a pair of trainers and knowing you can walk, run and cartwheel while looking great.

The reason why I’m insistent on some sort of arch in the sole is because walking for long distances in flat soled trainers can really hurt your feet (e.g. collapsed arches). Trying to be fashionable can sometimes be uncomfortable, but it should never damage your body.

They can make your legs look GREAT

It seems unlikely but ‘Dad trainers’ can extend the legs and make them look slimmer (if that’s your thing). Although heels are usually given exclusive reign of the legs department, the contrast between the bulk of the trainers and the legs can give the illusion of slimmer legs.

To maximise this effect, make sure the hems of your bottoms/dresses are just above the ankle if wearing a maxi length and anywhere just below the widest part of your thighs if going for a mini length.



One of the other wins for this trend is that it is surprisingly versatile. Think your trainers are just for jeans? Think again. Dresses, skirts, culottes, you name it – we’re doing it all. Pair yours the same way you would your sneakers; the only difference is the added kick from your ‘Dad trainers’.

Lunch date? Tea dress and trainers. Chill work day? Best believe the trouser suit and trainer combo is in. 

The fun only increases when you think of the different colours and styles of trainers available!

Low cost isn’t necessarily low quality

Let’s be real; trainers aren’t exactly hard to find and there are plenty of stores which sell afordable trainers. By all means, if you can afford your Balenciagas, go for it, but there’s no need to break the bank for  great looking pair. As long as they are comfortable, they’ll do the job – you could even use your workout trainers!

So if you feel like dipping a toe (pun intended) into this trend, go for it; remember, if you’re still not convinced, following trends are not really necessary to being fashionable. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you want to wear and how you want to wear it. Just do you!