Here’s My AW19 Trend Report

When I started studying A Level textiles a few years ago, I got into the habit of compiling trend reports for the upcoming fashion season for my portfolio (like many other fashion students). Even after entering my second year of uni studying something relatively unrelated, I still have a quick gloss over highlights from fashion week and colour reports. In preparation for the cooler months, I thought I’d share some tips of how I form a (very) concise fashion summary.

To kick off, let’s have a look at the colour palette for Autumn/Winter 2019- I specifically chose the palette relating to London Fashion Week as most relevant (since I do live in the UK). There are different palettes for the Fashion Weeks, which is a pretty recent and awesome addition from Pantone.

First off, compared to previous years’ palettes, we see a shift from the usual darker, moodier colours (think heavy plums and navy blues) to a brighter, more optimistic spread.

I find that the best way to use the Colour Forecast is to create smaller colour palettes that reflect the pieces you may already have or tend to lean towards. For example, my personal palette would be Bluestone, Antique Moss, Forest Biome, Butterscotch and Crabapple. Now while I don’t think I have these all of these exact shades, these are most similar to autumn pieces that I already own. Therefore, if I was to buy any additional pieces for the season to add to my collection, I would then be able to focus my buying efforts a little better.


As you can see, the neutrals palette is exactly that- a forecast of the classic neutral shades for the upcoming season. Now these shades aren’t applicable only to the more minimalistic of us; these shades can be a guide when buying basics or staple pieces for your wardrobe. For example, Green Olive (and let’s be honest, it’s practically khaki), could be that trench coat you bought a couple years ago, and you probably have a shirt that’s pretty close to Rutabaga.

The point I want to make is that although the Pantone colour forecasts are a great guide towards colours you’ll start to see all over the place, they are also a pretty large spread that can be a little confusing and difficult to coordinate. By breaking down the forecast into more digestible chunks, we create focus and reduce confusion around necessary purchases.


We’ve explored colour, now let’s move on to trends. Trends are a guideline to what’s hot and are usually quite easy to identify (square necklines, anyone?). Although it’s really easy to just buy into current trends in an attempt to be ‘fashionable’, I strongly recommend picking one trend you identify with and that fits your personal style. To help a little, I’ve compiled three super cool trends for the upcoming autumn season with items from a variety of price points for you to peruse.

*Each image is linked so you can have a closer look if you’re interested in a particular item.


Trenches are a recurring autumn classic and they have every reason to be; this season’s trenches are about utility, colour and texture.

STYLE TIP: If you already have a trusty trench but want to make the most of this trend, layering pieces and accessories with contrasting colours and textures is the way to go. Contrast will emphasise your coat, while accessories such as a bold belt can also draw the eye.


This might be a new term to most of you, but according to this article from Elle ‘womanspreading’ is about taking up space physically and visually, and it’s especially important considering how traditionally (and in some cases, currently) women have been expected to do the opposite. Whether this is through what you wear, how you wear your hair or the way you present yourself, you have every right to be seen.

STYLE TIP: Finding an affordable item that takes up all that space may prove difficult, so another way to take up space is with bold and clashing prints, ruffles, statement sleeves, you name it. If you can’t be seen from a (literal) mile away, it’s not enough.


This is definitely not a new trend by any means but this autumn, shelf your short suits and go for more ‘grown-up’ styles. Think ‘boss babe’ rather than ‘sporty chic’.

STYLE TIP: To up your suiting game for the autumn, try edgier, fitted silhouettes and prints such as checks and pinstripes.

I’m not going to bore you with brand analyses and other stuff that you probably don’t really care about, so to conclude:

  1. Draw up your personal palette from Pantone’s colour report
  2. Pick trends that speak to you, not every other fashion editor
  3. New season doesn’t have to mean new purchase. Chances are, you’ve already got the perfect piece.

Happy Autumn x