My 10 Favourite Instagram Interior Inspos

Hi all! I’m Shubby, a self-proclaimed interior aficionado and gardening guru; you might know me from Olly’s Instagram as her charming, witty, underappreciated style icon/photographer and I’m excited to finally take the well-deserved spotlight.

For my first dabble into the blogging universe, I present to you a collection of my (current) instagram interior favourites.

Let’s begin!

1. Home By Fousna

Jan’s account is one of my favourite for interior inspiration due to his consistent style when it comes to decorating his workplace. Think warm oranges and vibrant green hues, as well as a beautiful collection of plant pots. In fact, I was so inspired by his collection that I decided to start my own!

Another key feature of Jan’s account that I really enjoy is his plant portraits, which are clear and informative recommendations to his followers. Unfortunately, Home by Fousna is not currenty active as a blog as well, so fingers crossed for the future!

2. Apartment Therapy

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Apartment Therapy does exactly what it says on the tin – provides interior design inspiration that is on trend. The blog hosts a variety of tutorials and ideas which will all be rounded up on their instagram stories.

3. Urban Jungle Blog

The Urban Jungle Blog is such a mammoth in plants and interiors, due to the coverage Different plant and design conventions where up-and-coming trends in houseplant care are explored. The blog also covers visits to modern ‘hipster’ florists and cafes with a focus on – you guessed it – plants. The only cons (to me personally) are that most of the conventions aren’t held in the UK, and the plant boutiques are also in other mainly European countries. On the interiors aspect, Igor’s (one of the UJB pair) maximalist style with harmonious palettes and patterns is a true feast for the eys and so many of his items have a story to tell.


IKEA is one of my key staples when it comes to interioir inspiration, not just because of the cute and practical products, but their achievable interior layouts and cool hacks make the IKEA blog a firm favourite. As I’m moving into university accommodation this year, I’ve been especially loving the university halls series, which includes a packing list. The only downside of the blog is that I’m unable to find some of the beautiful products on the website, so choose carefully which items you fall in love in (haha).

5. Homesense

Homesense is a part of the TK Maxx family, which means that the products showcased are relatively affordable (but if you’re in a crafty mood, you could create similar pieces from charity store finds). The items on the Homesense instagram account edge more to boho,romantic and retro statement furntiture. Downside? Homesense doesn’t seem to have a strong UK presence, but that could be me.

6. H&M Home

The H&M Home instagram account is quite beautiful – I love the clean, modern lines in the rooms. There are bold colours and simplistic palettes throughout the images, which I like, but what I LOVE is the natural lighting in each photo that really makes the rooms look realxed and open. If you scroll back far enough through the account, you will probably notice the different trends throughout the seasons – so you get up-to-date decorating ideas.

7. IKEA Family Magazine

I know I’ve already mentioned IKEA on this list, but why not?

I like the IKEA Family Magazine for pretty similar reasons as to why I like H&M Home’s Insta account: the beautiful colour palettes, themed rooms and DIY inspiration, as well as various tutorials for good living.

8. Vogue Living

Vogue Living doesn’t just cover interiors, but also architecture and design. I also like the international sources of inspiration so those looking to renovating their homes (or that guest bedroom) get a variety of ideas. A bonus is the features on impressive house renovation projects. Granted, they’re a little out of a student’s reach, but it’s nice to dream, right?

9. Architectural Digest

Architecural Digest is VERY cool and a great source for interior inspiration as well as deeper know-how on the upcomings of the architecture and design world. Every photograph on the Architectural Digest insta account has a story behind it. The AD website also covers interiors in different settings, such as

Each photo has a story, behind the scenes of interior design, travel suggestion, deeper architectural knowledge, wider aspects of a home:

Interiors in different settings: film, music etc

News relating to art and design/estates

Travel and quirky architecture from around the world

Interior style inspo and tutorials

A magazine you can subscribe to.

10. ELLE Decoration

Elle Decoration provides great coverage of interior design festivals such as London design fest 2018 as well as inspo for every room in your home and information about different interior design aspects. It’s also interesting to check out how different the styles are across different regions!

All in all, these are my (current) favourite interior blogs and accounts. Hopefully these inspire you to beautify your home, whether through a total renovation or just rearranging furniture. I had a lot of fun with this – until the next time!